The Rise of Mycotic Man

well-groomed toys on a single female foot

Don’t you just love that title and aren’t you wondering what it means?

I just came off a day on the front lines of podiatry doing a lot of work with fungal, also known as mycotic, toenails. We are using the laser to treat these toenails without oral medication and judging by the numbers of people that are very concerned about mycotic toenails I can see this is an important factor in people’s lives. Several people today have told me that they are ashamed to go outside in anything but enclosed shoes. Living in Austin, this has curtailed their outside activities during the about nine months of the year, when it’s really hot here and everyone is wearing open sandals. I often hear that infected mycotic toenails have prevented people from going to the beach. (As a beach lover myself I can understand the gravity of this problem.)

The moral of the story is that while some people have little concern about a fungal infection of the toenails, to many people this is a source of embarrassment and it diminishes their quality of life.

When I help cure a fungal infection in the toenails I do feel like a minor hero: Mycotic Man! (But I’m not wearing some stupid costume!)