Top 5 Best Suede Waterproof Spray Protectors

There are several accessories that you could use to compliment a good outfit as a guy. Amongst all of them, one that you can never go wrong with is a nice pair of shoe. A nice pair of shoes can take your outfit from zero to a hundred. One of the most versatile amongst all of the many varieties is those made of suede material. It doesn’t matter if you love more of classic design or edgy and fashion-forward, you can never go wrong with a suede shoe.

Suede waterproof spray
As much as this type of shoe is aesthetically pleasing and versatile, it is one that really needs a lot of maintenance. However, this can be easily done using a waterproof spray.

Here are the top 5 best waterproof suede protectors

Atsko Silicone Water Guard

The Atsko water guard is considered the best suede leather conditioner since 1968 and can be used on bags, shoes, leather gloves, motorcycle seats, and any other leather apparel. Its long-lasting formula stays effective for as long as 6 months.
It softens, moisturizes, and improves the flexibility of leather. It is readily accessible on Amazon as it has been used by many Americans.

Nikwik Dubuck Duo Pack Suede Spray

This twin pack offers premium protection for all kinds of suede shoes. Its waterproof technology makes it impossible for water to penetrate into the thin layers of the material.

Its gel-like consistency sticks and stays effective for a long duration of time. Its components are also pure water based and 100% biodegradable.

Tarrago Universal Waterproof Spray

This versatile spray offers protection to several materials of any shoe. It maintains shoe materials like that of leather, suede, microfiber, and nubuck without altering the softness and flexibility of the material. It can also be used in various leather apparel like bags, gloves, motorcycle seats, and various others.

Aquaseal Leather Waterproof Pump

The Aquaseal waterproof spray is the real deal. With premium coverage and protection of the inner layers of the leather material, your suede shoe is in safe hands. It is also effective as a conditioner for your leather. This quality reduces the toughening of the leather which occurs over time and improves flexibility.

Kiwi Stain And Rain Protector

The Kiwi protector brand is an international brand that is known in various nations of the world. It blends a combination of ingredients that offers premium protection against moisture in any fabric. What’s unique about this waterproof spray is that its waterproof technology doesn’t just protect it, but it also reinforces any damages and protects it from subsequent damages.

With any of these waterproof sprays handy, be assured that your suede shoes are getting premium protection they would increase its shelf life.