Review of Top 4 Nail Fungus Treatment Methods: Check Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

What is Nail Fungus?

There’s a fungus amungus! Nail fungus that is. Now, what is it and why do we get it? Nail fungus is surprisingly common. It will cause the nail to become discolored (yellow, brown or white), thick and more likely to break or crack. Although anyone can get it, it affects more people as they get older because their nails grow more slowly and thicken as they age, thus making the elderly a more susceptible age group to have nail fungus. According to recent statistics, about 5% of people suffer from a nail fungus infection.

Another group with a higher risk for nail fungus are athletes because of tight fitting/sweaty clothing and shoes and any trauma that happens to the nails while playing sports. Besides this, athletes also commonly shower in shared spaces (locker rooms) and anyone who already has a toenail fungus can spread it to other people via small cracks in the nail or surrounding skin simply because they are all walking in the same area where the infected person is.


Places like around public pools or shared showers at the gym are also potential places to pick up a fungus.

It is important to know that if you come in contact with someone who has a fungus, it can spread to you. It might seem like a foolish thing to wear those flip-flops in the public shower, but when you’re the one who is fungus free you’ll see those flip-flops in a whole new light.

In this website, we are going to read all about nail fungus, its treatments and causes.

Dealing with nail fungus infections is an embarrassing and frustrating process. A lot of people are forced to deal with it while some are forced to live with it due to lack of proper knowledge. In this article, we will highlight the various methods of treating nail fungus and how you can get back your clear and healthy nails. You will no longer feel the need to hide your toenails in closed shoes whenever you are around your friends or in a pair of socks. You will get the chance to expose your nails after treating the infection with our top four picks.

What Are The Nail Fungus Treatment Methods?

There are some ways to treat nail fungus. All of them are effective provided that the individual sticks to the treatment routine and rules. Some of these methods include:

Use of Topical Solutions: these are solutions created with powerful natural ingredients that fight the fungus and facilitate the growth of healthy nails. They are very popular and potent with power.

Use of Creams: these creams are rich with antifungal and antiseptic properties. They are not made of all-natural ingredients, but they are very powerful.

Use of Medications: these are potent drugs that treat fungal infections. The doctor prescribes them, and they work from within the body to fight the disease.

Use of Laser: this technique is not so conventional, but it shows the enormous potential of eliminating nail fungus. Light Heat Energy is used to destroy the fungus spores.

Home Remedies: home remedies are products made from ingredients that are found at home and are easily accessible. Suitable examples include bleach and apple cider vinegar. With the right procedures, you can turn these products into powerful treatment solutions.

Medicated Nail Polish: when the situation gets too embarrassing, and you have to cover your nails; medicated nail polish is a perfect choice. It is like regular polish but with antifungal properties.

Our Review of Top 4 Nail Fungus Treatment Methods

Below is a summary of the top four picks for you. They are methods that will give you excellent results, and they work wonderfully. They are gentle on you and have been developed with brilliant formulas. You can never go wrong with any of them.


Zetaclear is an excellent product that comes as a pair. The pair is made up of a topical solution and an oral spray. A combination of the two medication procedures makes the product more potent. One works on the outside while the other from the inside.

Zetaclear Review

Zetaclear is made from all-natural ingredients that are highly potent and efficient in fighting fungus infections.

The oral spray works to reduce the fungus levels in the body after being absorbed into the blood. The topical solution is applied to the nail, and it penetrates the nail bed to tackle the fungi.

Zetaclear is very safe and does not have any side effects associated with it. It also has a soothing effect once applied on the nail. It eliminates itching and a burning effect related to the fungus infections.

The ingredients that have been used to make the product include Almond oil, Tea Tree oil, Jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, Clove oil, Vitamin E oil, and Undecylenic acid. The oral spray is rich with potent homeopathic ingredients that include Arsenicum, Nitricum Acidum, Sulphur, Antimonium Crudum, and others.


As an FDA approved product, you can look forward to the long-term elimination of the problem in a few weeks. Use the products thrice a day.

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Funginix is yet another product that has the best ratings when it comes to treating nail fungus. It is a topical solution that has some of the best ingredients. As a topical solution, it delivers to you the best results in a short time.

Funginix Review

Funginix formulation uses top natural ingredients with excellent antifungal properties. It is FDA approved making it very safe for human use. Because of the nature of the components, you will not be worried about any side effects because there are none.

This topical solution is made of tea tree oil, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, rose hip flower oil, camphor, aloe barbadensis juice, propolis extract, lavender oil, jasmine oil, and many others. These ingredients are powerful, and they are known to be effective.

Since there is no oral use of the product, anyone can use the product whether one is on prescription drugs, breastfeeding, or pregnant. Funginix will restore your nails and lead to the healthy growth of nails in the process. Apply it twice a day for excellent results.

Funginix works excellently well for a lot of people. As long as you follow the right procedures and all factors are constant, you will see the desired results.

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One thing that boosts the confidence of Kerasal users is that it has fifteen years of research to boast of among other things. Swedish dermatologists developed the product, and it has gained a lot of popularity.

Kerasal Review

This fungal nail renewal topical treatment is a lovely solution for treating your nail fungus problem. As the name suggests, it will renew the appearance of the nail in a short while. A lot of people have reported improvements in appearance after a few uses, and this is commendable.

Kerasal works from the inside out. Once the product is applied to the nail, it penetrates the nail and gets to the root of the problem.

Kerasal has been scientifically proven to be safe for use under normal conditions. However, there are restrictions for use for children, nursing, and pregnant women.

The primary ingredients include salicylic acid which is a peeling agent and urea which is a softening agent. The product will soften the infected nail and caused it to peel thus restoring the appearance and natural thickness.

When using Kerasal, it is adviced that you pair it up with prescribed medication for an excellent fix. The product does not eliminate the infection by destroying the spores.

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Emoninail is a topical solution that is excellently developed to fight nail fungus infections as well. It is a product that promises you pleasant results after a few weeks of consistent and proper use. The appropriate use of the product has been highlighted in the safety information.

Emoninail Review

The product has been specially formulated using natural ingredients that fight the growth of fungus and kills the existing ones. All parts used are FDA approved and safe for use.

Some of the ingredients that are used include undecylenic acid, tea tree oil, sunflower oil, water, SD-Alcohol 40D, Phenoxyethanol, glycerin, and a few others. These ingredients are safe for use.

Emoninail will help promote the growth of healthy and clear nails. It will also soothe any itching and burning sensation because of the infection. The ingredients penetrate deep into the nail and the surrounding tissues.

The use of Emoninail is not so restricted. Anyone can use it because of the degree of safety it has. However, for children who are below two years, the parents must consult a doctor. Also, note that you are to discontinue use if the situation does not change or you experience irritations.


It is recommended that you use this product twice a day for excellent results.


How Do Nail Fungus Treatment Products Work?

Typically, nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis occurs when the fungus infects the nail. The fungus gets to the nail bed and lives there. The nail bed offers a favorable condition for the fungus to multiply. As the fungus thrives, it damages the nail and causes irritation, itching, discoloration, breakage, and more.

Nail fungus treatment products are made of powerful ingredients with powerful antifungal properties. The product is applied on the nail with an applicator brush. Once the product is used, it penetrates the nail bed and destroys the fungus. The product destabilizes the living conditions thus eliminates the potential of fungus multiplication.

As the fungus is eliminated, the health of the nail is improved, and healthy growth is facilitated. The products are made from ingredients that also nourish the nail and restore it back to normal. A lot of products are recommended to be used up to six months. This is enough time to kill every fungus.

What Are The Key Ingredients To Look Out For?

When shopping for a topical solution, you will realize that different manufacturers use different ingredients. However, there are essential ingredients. Some common components include:

Undecylenic Acid: this ingredient cuts across so many topical solutions. It is an ingredient that is approved by the FDA, and it has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Essential Oils: there are numerous oils such as almond oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, clove oil, and so much more. Such oils have antifungal and antiseptic properties that help with the condition. They also nourish the nail.

The other ingredients to look out for include glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, propolis extract, and Oleth-10 Phosphate.

How to Use Nail Fungus Treatment Products

There are numerous manufacturers of nail fungus treatment products. Different products also have various forms and strengths. There are those that come as cream products, prescribed medications, topical solutions, nail polish, and so on. Therefore, each product will be used according to the recommendations given by manufacturers.

Even so, medications, home remedies, creams, and topical solutions can be used twice or thrice a day depending on the instructions given. Therefore, before you use the products, read the instructional manual.

Once you know the dosage and number of times to use the product in a day, stick to the instructions. You will have excellent results if you are consistent and you follow the instructions.

Where to Buy Nail Fungus Treatment Products

As you are looking forward to purchasing a nail fungus treatment product, it is crucial that you buy the product from the right place. One thing that is sure is that some of the products will not be found on the shelves of any establishment.

Most of the manufacturers advocate that you purchase the products from their official websites. This also applies to those products mentioned in this article. The reason for this is that there are a lot of scammers on the internet. They can sell you anything using the name of the product. The only way you can be sure that you are purchasing an authentic product is by going through the official website.

Now read this for your awareness:
Another method is through Amazon as some manufacturers sell the products through Amazon. Amazon is a trustworthy online store, and the products are always authentic. Even so, you may not enjoy the advantages that the official website offers such as discounts and others.

Therefore, for purchasing these products, your priorities should be the official website and Amazon. Anything other than these two can make you a victim of men with wicked intentions. If the site you use is an affiliate marketer, ensure their links send you back to the official website.

Are They Safe?

Yes. Safety is the first thing that these products uphold. Looking at the top four picks we have above; they are made from natural ingredients. Therefore, you can be convinced that they are safe for human use.

When absorbed into the nail, they work effectively to bring the results you expect. Other than that, when they are absorbed into the bloodstream, the body will be able to use up the ingredients for the intended purpose. The body can process the ingredients.

So, Should You Go For Nail Fungus Treatment Products?

Ultimately, this is the question that many people ask themselves. The answer is yes. You should buy these products.

Nail fungus infections are uncomfortable, can be painful, and will make your nails look awful. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not tackle them with a potent product. These products are very efficient and will relieve you from the symptoms and ultimately the infection.

When you use the products, you will be nursing the nail back to health. As you apply the product, it works to kill the fungus and prevent the growth and spread. Thus, as the nail keeps growing, it will be healthier and free from any infection. It will be stronger and brighter. It will regain its natural look.

Also, the products do not cause any side effects that you should worry about. Therefore, you have the go-ahead to use them. Even so, consult with a doctor if you want to use the products on children, if you are pregnant, or nursing.


There should not be any debates as to whether or not you should buy this product when you have a chance of restoring your nails. Therefore, do not hesitate.