The Latest Thinking on Toenail Fungus

Using the Q-Clear Laser to Cure Toenail Fungus

Some people meet and discuss world peace, national security and other big ideas. I just returned from a podiatry meeting where there was a lot of discussion about the treatment of fungal toenails.

Not that world peace and curing fungal toenails don’t have a lot in common. They are both really difficult to achieve. And actually that is the major realization I took away from this particular podiatry meeting.

Just as world peace will not be achieved with one major intervention and is a continuing process, so too is the treatment of fungal toenails.

We now have fantastic tools to treat fungal toenail infections. The greatest tool is the laser. I have been using the Q-Clear pulsed YAG laser which I believe is the most advanced laser for this purpose on the market today. We have had excellent results using the Q-Clear laser – approximately 80% of the toenails we treat significantly improve. So why do I say this problem is as difficult to cure as it is to achieve world peace?

Well things don’t stay the same. It is a nasty world out there, full of fungal invaders (and a few psychopathic heads of state). Some of us are more susceptible to fungal infections than others. These fungal invaders lurk in our shoes and in our showers. They are ever present on the skin of our feet and in the environment in general. These funguses were around long before humans and they will probably outlast our species. It is a continuing battle against the fungal invaders!

Just as world peace and national security require continuous vigilance and are a process rather than a one time achievement– so too is the problem of fungal toenails. Fortunately, keeping fungus free toenails is much easier to achieve than world peace. Working together, you can have normal healthy and attractive toenails – now and in the future!