5 Best Hydration Pack for Running Marathons

Hydration Packs For Runners

Should you get a hydration pack or just carrying a bottle will serve the purpose?

While the bottle certainly has its advantages (for short run), when it comes to running long distances and marathons, hydration pack will always be a better choice. This is the reason why we’ve created a list of Top 5 Best Hydration Pack for Running! Water bottles are no doubt much cheaper option and if you are just out on a stroll in the neighborhood, probably, you will be taking a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. However, for those who are serious about running and will take a rather long route, and for professional runners, hydration pack is the best way to carry water backpacking.

It is easy to carry and you will be able to take a sip without having to take off your backpack. But, finding the best hydration pack for running is never an easy task. Hence to make this process easier, (as I said above) I have listed Top 5 best hydration pack for running. Check out detailed reviews about them below. But, first, know what you should check for before buying any hydration pack.

5 Best Hydration Pack for Running

Below we have listed some of the best hydration packs for running.

TETON Sports Trailrunner 2

TETON is a leader in trekking, sports and backpacking gears. The brand also mentioned 4 times in our list of Top 10 Best Hiking Backpacks under $100. The TETON Sports Trailrunner 2 lives up to the brand’s repute. It is one of the best running hydration vests. At just 0.9 pounds, it is among the lightest hydration packs available. The 2-liter water capacity is quite enough for a moderate trip. The pack comes with a water bladder made of FDA food grade quality. One of the major issues with water bladders is that they are difficult to clean. Not this one, though.

The 2-inch opening is large enough to allow proper cleaning as well as a decent opening to put ice into the bladder. Thus, allowing you get to enjoy cool water all through your trip. The kink free sip tube works perfectly fine and you need not to take the pack off your back while running. The bag itself is pretty ergonomically built to fit everybody structure and allows its users to go on running, jogging, or even marathon without the hydration pack causing distress. It comes with enough safety features too. It has reflective tabs and piping that increases visibility under low light condition.

The bag also has an emergency whistle attached to it. Awesome, isn’t it? There are mesh pockets that allow you to store food, mobile, wallet and other essentials. The bag can be adjusted to fit almost any torso. The inclusion of air pockets and channels that allow air to pass; between the body and the bag preventing sweat accumulation. The padded straps make carrying the bag really easy. Last, but not the least, the “Limited Lifetime Warranty” provided by TETON and the amazing customer service takes care of any issue you might face while using the bag.

For those who have been looking for a basic yet really high quality and sturdy hydration pack for running, this is the best water backpack you can buy. With 2 liters of capacity, this can be said to be the best hydration pack for marathon running in the price segment.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Safety features like reflective elements and emergency whistle included.
  • Adjustable size fits all types of body.
  • BPA free 2-liter hydration bladder included in the pack.
  • Kink free sip tube and drip tube helps in easy drinking of water without having to remove backpack and easy cleaning.
  • 2-inch opening on bladder helps in cleaning and inserting ice cubes.
  • Additional 9 inch deep mesh pockets for storing other essentials.
  • Extremely sturdy build.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers almost all issues.


  • Refilling process is a bit difficult, probably because they wanted to keep the water from spilling accidentally
  • A thicker sip tube would have been appreciated, especially since it is made for adults.

USWE Airborne Hydration Pack

I would begin by saying that this is more of a small backpack with hydration bladder included. The bag is quite spacious to let you carry an iPad, an 11” – 12” laptop, mobiles, clothes, and even DSLR camera, besides the hydration pack. USWE Airborne Hydration Pack is good enough if you are planning on a road trip of about few days. The hydration pack itself is 1.5 liters in capacity and made of food grade BPA free material.

Sipper is conveniently placed to allow you to take a sip without taking off your bag. The water resistant bag offers ample protection to everything that you will be carrying, even in case of accidental spills from the hydration pack. The bladder has a wide opening that will allow you to add ice into the bladder. The bladder is replaceable. The entire hydration pack is quite sturdily built. The additional hooks and strings, as well as the belts, give extra protection. This one is perfect not only for runners but for backpackers and hikers too.

USWE Airborne Hydration Pack is a wonderful accessory for those who are into camping and hiking. It can easily make it to the list of best ultramarathon hydration pack.


  • Large bag with enough additional compartment for various essentials and items besides the hydration bladder
  • Food grade BPA free material used to manufacture the bladder
  • Conveniently placed sipper tube allows the wearer to drink water without taking off the bag
  • Fits chest size between 27” and 50”, which means it can be used by teenagers as well as adults
  • Water resistant and durable fabric
  • Large opening in the bladder for ice input
  • Extra padding provides superior comfort


  • There have been issues with water leakage in some units, but customer care generally takes care of the problem and provides a refund
  • For a bag, this big, 1.5 liters of bladder capacity is not really an impressive one
    The size is a bit too large for professional running purpose

High Sierra Propel 70

Weighing just 1.3 pounds and 2-liter hydration bladder capacity, it is a great hydration pack for running. The elastic loops allow the hydration hose to be positioned as per convenience while the hydration pouch is placed on the back and can be easily accessed from the back compartment opening. The hydration pack itself is food grade BPA free as well as antibacterial and thus does not possess any health risk.

The High Sierra Propel 70 hydration backpack; has a large front compartment for additional storage and front pockets to store other essentials that need to be accessed frequently. Its airflow pocket at the back keeps the area of contact between the bad and the body cool and does not let sweat accumulation. If you are into biking as well, you will find the tuck away mesh compartment quite useful to carry your bike helmet when not in use. Those who are planning on trekking or running in high altitudes or in very cold weather, the insulated sipper tube cover will be really helpful as it does not let the water freeze within the tube. High Sierra is known for quality sports gears and this hydration pack does not disappoint.

High Sierra offers good quality products and provides the warranty that protects the buyers against faulty products. It is a good bag for light hiking and trekking too, besides using it as running hydration pack.


  • Large size compartment with extra storing facility
  • Ample large 2-liter hydration pouch included
  • Sipper pipe with insulated covering to prevent water from freezing while being used in sub-zero temperature
  • Adjustable and differential design and size for men and women
  • Antibacterial and BPA free food grade hydration pouch that does not possess any health risk
  • Tuck away front mesh pocket for hiking and biking item storage like bike helmet storage
  • Elastic loops make it easier to adjust the placement of the water hose
  • Large and wide opening of the reservoir helps in easy filling and cleaning and putting ice in the pack
  • Security straps included with the bag


  • Once the bladder is completely filled, the extra compartment cannot hold too many items
  • The sipper pipe design is really wonderful, but sadly that doesn’t prevent water from leaking in many cases
  • No chest clip present and this can be a bit of a problem while trekking as the bag might tend to swing on the back

Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack

The unigear Tactical hydration pack is among the best hydration pack for ultra running. The backpack is made of a sturdy and strong material that can endure rough usage. Its bladder has a decently large 2.5 liters capacity that should help you keep hydrated through a complete day filled with running, cycling or hiking and trekking. The hydration bladder is removable and made of a high-grade material that does not possess any health risk.

The large opening of the bladder not only allows easy cleaning of the bladder and pouring of water but also allows you to add ice or other chilled drinks with ease. Finally, the sipper’s mouth comes with a professional sealing switch that keeps the dust out and does not let the water leak. Its 360-degree rotation allows you to conveniently use the sipper without twisting it accidentally. There are front compartments available with the bag that should be able to hold the essentials that you might need on a day’s trip, such as wallet, mobile phone, towel, and others.

The Unigear Tactical hydration pack backpack is quite literally everything you might need on a day’s hike or trip if you do not mind the price tag on the product. The backpack is tough and has a pretty decent capacity.


  • High capacity high quality bladder with a large opening that allows easy cleaning and inserting ice into the bladder
  • Additional pockets on the front for carrying essentials while hiking or trekking or running
  • Secured strap adjustment that can fit chest size between 27” and 50” and thus can be used by people of varying body size
  • Professional sealing switch present on the tip of the sipper tube to prevent water leaks and to keep the dust out of the sipper’s mouth
  • 360 degree rotation of sipper’s mouth allows you to drink water with ease without twisting the sipper tube
  • Prepared with high quality material that is sturdy and can withstand rough usage
  • Air-flow pocket on the back does not allow the back to become sweaty
  • Emergency whistle buckle included


  • The price is a bit on the higher side

Mubasel Gear Hydration Pack

Are you looking for the cheapest best running hydration pack? The Mubasel Gear hydration pack will definitely make it to this category. It is a no frill attached hydration pack that is meant for providing you with enough water as you go running or cycling. The design is pretty basic and simple and there is not much cables and accessories attached to it. The 2-liter bladder will see to your need of water through the day as you go hiking, running, trekking, camping, or cycling.

Its bladder has a wide opening that allows easy cleaning as well as putting ice in the water with ease. The hydration pack has two small pockets on the top of the bag where you can store your essential such as mobile and wallet. The expandable mesh pocket on the front allows you to carry some clothes and a towel. It is a pretty decent product on the list of best camelback for running. It serves the basic purpose and does a fairly good job for the price.

The Mubasel Gear hydration backpack is a decently good product available in the market. With their decently good customer service, you can always rely on getting a refund if the product isn’t right.


  • FDA approved bladder and pack ensures there is no health concern with the product
  • Extremely lightweight and perfect for those who do not wish to carry too much weight on their back
  • 2-liter bladder capacity is decent enough for most full day activities
  • 2 pockets compartments and one expandable mesh compartment can accommodate the essentials needed even during hiking
  • The bladder is developed such that it can bear a load of up to 132 pounds and thus can easily be transformed into a pillow when needed
  • Adjustable shoulder strap allows people between 27” chest and 50” chest to use it with ease


  • The bag is water resistant against accidental splashes; in case of prolonged exposure to water like rain you will need separate protection
  • There have been quite a few incidents of the water leaking and thus it can be said that the water sipper pipe is not fixed in the best possible manner
  • The back of the pack sticks to the back of the person carrying a bit too tightly and thus sweat can accumulate on the back


  • There are numerous hydration backpacks available in the market.
  • With similar specs, it always becomes really difficult to choose one out of the lot.
  • Thus, I have prepared this review to make it easier for you to select one hydration backpack among the lot.
  • Check out the pros and cons and weigh them against each other to find the best product that suits your need.