Does Zetaclear Really Work – How to Use It Properly?

Yes the big question, does Zetaclear really work has been asked by many people, not just you.

You know as well as I do there is so much hype out there these days it’s hard to find the real truth which is why I wrote this article for you.

toenail fungus review

I’ve been using Zetaclear for two and half months so first off you need to know that it doesn’t always take a full six months to see results.

Keep in mind that it takes time for the fungus under the toenail to grow out with the nail but you can kill the fungus quickly if you follow a few simple steps. Zetaclear does really work as well as they say it only if you know how to use it properly.

If you have toenail fungus then your next step is to cure it as fast as possible before it spreads to the other toes or friends and family.

The regular application requires you to apply the topical solution to the infected toenail and let it soak in through the nail. Yes this works but it take much longer and for the record this is the proper way to apply the Zetaclear topical solution.

I have seen such fast results because I clipped the nail away first. Yes I clipped all the toenail away that had nail fungus under it because it doesn’t hurt. You only remove the nail and as much of the fungus as possible. Just clip away at it until you removed as much nail and fungus as you can without penetrating the nail bed.

Fungus Grows On The Toenail Bed

The toenail fungus actually grows on the nail bed and under the nail so you can painlessly remove the toenail above the fungus.

Once the nail and fungus are clipped away follow the instructions for applying Zetaclear. Zetaclear works twice as fast by clipping away the nail first. You see by clipping away the nail you can directly apply Zetaclear to the nail fungus killing it directly without having to penetrate the nail first which it can do but it takes some time.

Zetaclear comes as a two part system that includes the topical and the oral liquid. Often times I’m asked for just the Zetaclear topical solution and not the oral liquid. Some people just are not comfortable taking the oral liquid.

I can understand that, but you must know that the reason Zetaclear is much more effective then other toenail fungus treatments is because of the oral liquid.

Taking the oral liquid allows Zetaclear to work from the inside out but is it required? The simple truth is, no it’s not. If you clip away the nail as instructed above the topical solution can go right to work on the fungal infection quickly. I have done it so I know how well this method works.

I would certainly recommend that you buy at least 3 bottles of Zetaclear and here is why. First of all you get a discount when you buy three, so this saves you money. Also it should take around two or three months, which is two or three bottles, before you will see results.

My nail fungus was dead after two and half months, but yours may take longer or big gone quicker. I’m just saying that my toenail fungus wasn’t sever but it could easily be seen and I got to go away quickly.

Zetaclear Works Without Side Effects

There is always the question of side effects but I have to tell you that I did some major research before I bought my Zetaclear and nowhere could I find anyone that had any type of side effects at all. The manufactures for Zetaclear reports no side effects at all. So if you read any negative press about Zetaclear side effects I don’t know if I would even believe it or not.

I researched around 14 different forums, 24 blogs and spoke directly to 12 people about Zetaclear before I bought mine. My toenail fungus is gone.

Does Zetaclear really work? Darn right it does!