Instant Relief for Gout Pain

It is one of the most gratifying things when you can almost be a magician when you are really a podiatrist!  An acute gout attack is one of those times.

List of Foods that can Trigger a Gout Attack
List of Foods that can Trigger a Gout Attack

An acute gout attack often will wake you up with pain in your great toe joint. Gout can occur in any joint but it is most common in the great toe joint. There are some foods and drinks can bring on a gout attack. (Here’s a partial list.) Often we find it is from drinking beer – especially on a hot day when beer can actually dehydrate you. Whatever the cause of your gout attack, our job is to stop the pain. And we can stop the pain almost magically!

I do an almost painless nerve block with a long-lasting local anesthetic. I prescribe a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and give you a list of foods which can exacerbate gout.

By the time you leave our office you will have significant, often complete, relief of your well-groomed female foot with a french pedicurepain. By the time the area wakes up in 8 to 12 hours usually 80 to 100% of the pain will be gone! Modern science sometimes seems like magic.

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