Can Anything That Is Alive Live Forever?


If you are like me, you thought the answer to this question was an emphatic “no.” Every living thing – no matter how long it lives – will eventually die. That is why I was startled to see an online article about the “immortal jellyfish.”

Now, I am as skeptical as the next person about things I read on the Internet. But, I have an interest in unusual scientific phenomena and have been known to “waste” some time reading about these things.

Evidently what happens is that when this tiny little jellyfish is stressed or even bored, it ages backward and becomes younger. Consequently, this jellyfish can age and then get younger forever!

Turritopsis nutricul is the scientific name of the immortal jellyfish and it is tiny – adults are 5mm across – and transparent.

Do you think this is as amazing as I think it is?