A Parents’ Guide to Children’s Shoes

Parents often complain about the high costs of children’s shoes – “$50 for these tiny shoes? They’re only going to be worn out in six months!” Almost every salesperson has heard this.

Think about it though: Your kids will walk and run several hundred miles in a few months. Their soft and developing foot structure needs protection and support against the hard surfaces they will pound on. The same workmanship that goes into adults’ shoes goes into children’s shoes. Quality, comfort and cushioning, stability and long-lasting protection don’t come cheaply.

Shoe Fit Infographic - Children

So, consider spending a bit more than you had planned. After all, most parents own at least several pairs of shoes, yet their children wind up with only one or two pairs at a time. Even though your children will outgrow their shoes relatively quickly, buying better quality shoes will be worth it in the long run.

Your children’s feet have to last them a lifetime — 120,000 miles or more!

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