Are Your Shoes Comfortable For The Top of Your Foot?

You have a painful bump on the top of your foot and your shoes are uncomfortable, what can you do?

Have you ever heard of “box lacing” of shoes? One of the problems with having a high arch or possibly a prominence on the top of your foot is that shoes and shoelaces can rub the spot and make your foot very sore. One of the simple things you can do to make your lace-up shoes more comfortable is to change the way you place this shoe.

Box lacing starts out normally but when you approach the area of the pain on top of your foot rather than have the laces crisscrossed directly over the sore spot you make the laces go around the sore area. This is called box lacing. Please see the diagram below.

box lacing

If you are using slip on shoes obviously this does not apply, however, what you should do is look at the profile of the shoe and look at the profile of your foot.  The shape of the shoes should roughly match the shape of your foot. This may sound just like common sense but you would be surprised how often people are wearing shoes which just do not match the shape of their foot. Needless to say, that type shoe is usually painful – a shoe that matches the shape of your foot is usually comfortable!