Unabashed Self Promotion

There’s so much self promotion these days that if you are up front about it – it’s practically commendable!

Here goes: I am proud of our YouTube channel, AustinFootDoc, and would love for you to look at it and leave us feedback. Why, you may ask, is our site unique among the thousands of foot health information videos on the internet?

We don’t provide detailed descriptions of medical problems and we don’t do fancy video productions. But far more importantly though – we don’t waste your time!

Our videos run a little over a minute and each deals with a very specific and practical aspect of foot care. In our research on the web we didn’t see anything as succinct and practical as we liked – so we created it. Take a look and see if any topic is of interest to you. We will be adding videos often. If there is anything you would like to see let us know.

Here are our latest One-Minute Videos!