Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews

Caution: Do you know that most toenail fungus treatments don’t help cure toenail fungus? In fact they simply suppress the symptoms and are of no help to get rid of nail fungus forever.

Introduction: The mission of this post is to study the safety and efficacy of nail fungus treatments and to share our findings with sufferers. We have carefully researched and examined top selling latest treatments currently available to get rid of nail fungi. In our research we not only studied the extent of relief but also the recovery time each treatment took. Thus making sure that we list only those nail fungus treatments which do achieve results, they claim and those results do last.

Finding the right product is very important especially with toenail fungus so each of our recommendations and reviews have been double checked to assure that each one has been evaluated as per on our three step system.

  • Research Customer Reviews
  • Confirm Ingredient Potency
  • Compare Effectiveness
  • Recommend the treatments with Proven Results

Below we review the top 3 natural treatments on the market at the moment. On most occasions they outperformed the leading prescription drugs that the doctor would prescribe. Further these natural treatments don’t have any side effects.


Medication Mode: Topical

Success Rate: Excellent

Side Effects: None

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Official Website:

Guarantees: 2 Month Full Refund Guarantee

This powerful blend of essential ingredients has shown to work for cases with mild to most severe nail fungus infection. Funginix gives significant results in least time without the use of synthetic ingredients which cause side effects. Funginix outperforms all anti fungal products available currently. Not only this treatment clears fungus from the inside out but also reinforces your body’s own natural defenses to prevent any future recurrences.

Although results start to show up as early as 2 months but as with any nail fungus medication, the best and lasting results are seen with recommended six month program.

Before and After Funginix Treatment Results

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Detailed Funginix Review


Medication Mode: Topical Solution

Success Rate: Good

Side Effects: None

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Guarantees: 3 Month Full Refund Guarantee

Official Website:

Purnail is the latest nail fungus remedy that has been widely recognized to treat toenail fungus naturally without using any harsh cures or medications. Purnail is a topical solution which needs to be applied externally on the affected nail twice a day. With its new approach Purnail attacks nail fungi from the inside out which makes it extremely effective to eliminate nail fungus.

Being an organic solution Purnail does not cause any sort of a side effect and is safe to use for all ages. But the reason we rank it at No. 2 is that the results start to show up a bit slower than Funginix.

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Medication Mode: Topical

Success Rate: Good

Side Effects: None

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Guarantees: 3 Month Full Refund Guarantee

Official Website:

Zetaclear is a close third on our research. It is a safe and well tolerated homeopathic nail fungus remedy. Reported satisfaction and effectiveness levels with Zetaclear are high compared to most other offerings on the market.

Zetaclear too is very potent at getting rid of toenail fungus but past user experience shows that results don’t start to show up as fast as with Funginix and Purnail. This is the sole reason that it’s placed at No.3 in our research. And with no exception a 6 month recommended treatment is necessary for complete restoration of clear nails and prevention of any recurrences later with Zetaclear.

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Detailed Zetaclear Review

Are home remedies and herbal treatments not that effective?

From our online research and surveys it shows that a large number of sufferers have tried different medications out there.  So what really works and what is just garbage?  We let people vote on the different treatments out on the market and tell us what worked or did not work for them. The feedback clearly showed that Funginix, Claripro and Zetaclear are the treatments that gave the best results followed by home remedies and prescription medications that had mixed positive and negative response.

Get the most out of the product you choose

Everyone reacts to treatments differently. However it is important to remember a few things to get the best results:

  1. Regardless of which remedy you choose to get rid of nail fungus, be sure to follow the directions included with the package on how and when to apply the product.
  2. As nails are made up of a lot of layers, nothing will get rid of nail fungus if the treatment is not able to reach the infection below the nail. Therefore file you nail to make them thin. Though Funginix, Claripro and Zetaclear have ingredients that help the product penetrate the nail layers. The suggestion of thinning the nail is to ensure that the topical solution penetrates though the nail layers and reaches every nook and corner of the affected nail.
  3. We observed that many times the therapy didn’t work because of nail polish. Therefore we recommend not to apply nail polish until the fungus clears. The topical solutions mentioned above seem to be less effective with nail polish.
  4. In case the nails of your feet have fungus, wear open toed shoes. If you have to wear socks or stockings, make sure it is made of cotton. Though not necessary you may also sprinkle an anti-fungal powder in shoes.
  5. Stick with the dosage, try not to miss applications. The nail fungi is very obstinate and requires continues attack with the treatment to get eliminated forever.
  6. Eat healthy food.
  7. Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  8. Avoid stress of any kind


You shouldn’t expect overnight results. Despite what product websites may claim, there is no “quick fix” for clear nail growth. With time your nail will grow back to normal. It doesn’t matter if they are white, yellow or black at the beginning stages. We found individuals reporting best results who used the products for at least 6 months without any misses. So clearly it will take time to see results. However our research shows that if you follow the measures above, you can achieve better results faster.

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