Miracle Cures for Foot Pain: If They Sound Too Good to Be True…

I thought my career was over and that I had wasted years of schooling and over 20 years of practice when I first saw the ad for Yoga Toes. All you had to do was put this rubbery thing between your toes and it cured everything. Whether you had bunions or hammertoes or basically anything wrong with your foot — all you had to do was sleep with your Yoga Toes and everything would be cured! I had visions of replacing everything in my office with boxes and boxes of Yoga Toes. Fortunately that didn’t happen!bigstock-Beautiful-Brown-Stilettos-On-T-43720318

Now comes the news of a spray that cures another high priority foot problem-the pain women experience wearing stiletto heels.  The headline says “Is this the end of high heel pain forever? New spray that numbs feet is set to revolutionize how women wear stilettos”.  The new spray, called Heel No Pain, by a company very scientifically called BiochemistryTM, claims to relieve foot pain for up to three hours. It is set to be released in the United States just in time for New Year’s Eve. According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth, who developed the spray, “it’s certainly enough to get you through a red carpet event.”

According to the plastic surgeon, Heel No Pain is basically a pain killer with a heat treatment so it is able to penetrate the skin. Unlike an injection, he claims the spray doesn’t take away protective pain reflexes, the pain simply dissipates. Dr. Haworth does not explain how you can have a protective pain reflex without pain.

The spray contains lidocaine, which basically makes it a spray version of the injections that have been given to athletes to temporarily mask pain when they play in high-stakes competitions.

Does it make sense to use a spray like this to solve the pain of high heels shoes? I suppose if you are up for an Oscar and absolutely have to wear those beautiful but painful stilettos it makes some sense. Most people would worry what those shoes that used to be so painful before we sprayed our feet, are doing to our feet.

As for me, I am just glad that a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon won’t put me out of business with a spray!

Source:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2525469/Heel-No-Pain-spray-set-revolutionize-women-wear-high-heels.html