Kiwi radio keeps us cool in Austin summer

The only radio station Paula, my podiatric assistant, and I can agree on is The Breeze 93.4 in Auckland, New Zealand. Paula likes more lively music and I prefer music that sort of blends in to the background. I hate to admit it, but for years I happily subscribed to Musak and only discontinued my subscription when they went to a satellite and tripled the monthly subscription rate.

Anyway back to The Breeze. We have an Internet radio device that picks up radio stations from all over the world. I was looking for a smooth jazz station that would not put Paula to sleep. We found The Breeze in Auckland, New Zealand has the perfect mix of music to satisfy both of us. A number of our patients have asked us the name of the radio station because they like it as well.

Some of our favorite things about The Breeze are that they are 19 hours ahead of us and when we come into the office on Monday it is already Tuesday morning and on Thursday it’s already Friday! The work week is shorter and Monday is gone! Another neat thing is that the seasons are reversed in New Zealand. When we are in the heat of summer it is winter there. How refreshing it is to hear about sleet when it’s more than 100 degrees outside! Once the patient was in the chair and it was about 95 degrees outside and they heard the radio station say they were predicting sleet and snow- you should have seen that patient’s face!

Paula likes the cute accents of the disc jockeys. I get a kick out of hearing the advertisements and one day want to call this plumber who advertises on the station and ask him about coming over to fix the office sink! Neither Paula nor I have been to New Zealand, but from everything we’ve heard it sounds like a wonderful place.