Fungal Toenails Treated with Laser and KeryFlex

The problem with every treatment for fungus toenails is that you have to wait for the healthy toenail to grow out to have your nails look really decent. While it’s true that when we “debride” the toenail (a fancy medical word for thinning it down), it looks a lot better, it is not as smooth or attractive as we would like.  Many times the nail is so decayed it just breaks off. So even though the fungus in the nail is “killed” the nail can be ugly and deformed.

It can take about a year, and sometimes long as two years, for the new toenail to grow out. During that time there is a risk of reinfection from the fungus. That is why it is so important to kill the fungus in your shoes and take other precautions such as applying a topical antifungal on the nails and drying the feet well.

If you want your toenails to look good immediately after the laser treatment there is one other option. After the laser treatment a KeryFlex nail can be applied to the old nail, as long as there is about 20% of the old nail left. KeryFlex is a very unique product. It is composed of keratin which is the same material that real nail is made out of. It is not a gel nail and certainly not an acrylic nail. Acrylic nails are extremely damaging for the nail bed and the nail plate which is underneath it. They do not breathe and promote the growth of fungus and bacteria. While gel nails are somewhat better they are still not healthy for the nail bed.

A KeryFlex nail, on the other hand, is made of the same material as a natural nail, and so is not damaging to the existing toenail or the nail bed. Topical antifungal medicines penetrate the KeryFlex nail just as they would a normal nail. By providing a path for the new nail to grow out, many people who use the KeryFlex nail report that there is about a 10% improvement in the final results over the laser therapy alone.

We are proud to offer the KeryFlex nail procedure after laser treatment to both eradicate your nail fungus and give you normal, healthy-looking toenails right away!