FAQ-What can I do myself about my painful neuroma?

Actually a lot! There are a few simple things that you can do to help reduce the pain of a neuroma.

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  1. Wear a wide, well-cushioned shoe. Neuromas are most painful when the foot is squeezed into a tight shoe.
  2. Avoid going barefoot. Neuromas are very sensitive to extra pressure on the bottom of the foot. If you can cushion your foot you will be much more comfortable.
  3. If you are walking and the pain starts, sit down and take off your shoe and place the palms of your hands on top and on the bottom of the front of your foot and massage your  foot for about 20 seconds and the pain should go away.
  4. Remember that the best type of shoe for a painful neuroma is often a well-cushioned flip-flop and the worst type of shoe is a tight high heel with a very thin sole.

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