Next Course is November 3-4 in Ranson, WV.

"... thanks so much again the course was phenomenal! Have already used a few things I learned on patients today! Very well done!" - Lyndsay, Laguna Niguel - November 2015

"I loved the course by the way. Worth every penny. I just referred a coach in MN to your clinic in June 2016 and will be passing it off to an endurance athlete in Chicago as well."  Russ, Los Angeles - November 2015

"The course material was very beneficial, and I will certainly be applying it in my practice with clients. The instructors were extremely experienced and knowledgeable on the topic and made the course enjoyable for everyone."  Cody, Baltimore - October 2015

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"​​The class was awesome by the way.   I learned so much and have made changes to my diet, form, cadence, and training plan as a result.  I recover much faster and have picked up strength, endurance and a hopefully a little bit of speed.

Most importantly, I now have so much more to offer to my Couch to 5k runners, and I love sharing Dr. Mark's wisdom with my training partners.  Thanks for all that you guys do to spread the word about healthy running.  

I had a good run yesterday [at the Cape Cod Marathon].  I was shooting to go under 3:10 (to best last year's 3:10:11 in Berlin). I realize it was a big ask given that I've only been working on all of this stuff for the last 2 months. I missed by 3 minutes, but am very happy with the effort.  I feel like I have a whole new foundation to start with and will be able to make a lot of improvement in the months leading up to Boston.  It will also be sustainable for many years to come! 

The amazing thing is that my quads aren't trashed at all.  I can sit and walk down stairs like nothing happened.  That's crazy!   I usually aim to run a 2-3 min negative split, but couldn't keep the pace down after mile 20.  It became clear in the last few miles that hip flexor strength and hip/glute/core strength in general is a big opportunity. I'll work on that this winter.  I experimented with lower pre-race carb intake so that may have had some impact, too. Who knows. But I'm having fun trying new things.  :)" Deb, Boston-Beverly - August 2015

"If I could wave a magic wand, I would take all the runners I know, virtually and in real life, to the next Healthy Running seminar, directed by Mark Cucuzzella, MD, and Ian Adamson. These guys are overflowing with knowledge, have the research to back it up, and yet are incredibly open-minded and eager to continue their learning as well. And I got to spend the day with them and a room full of very smart people on Saturday, increasing my knowledge base as a runner, writer and coach." Read the full blog

"I cannot express enough how much of an impact it has made on my life. Ian, Zola, Professor Noakes, Mark, every one of the speakers left me with something to ponder and change in my life."

"Firstly in my personal training – I ran a race on the weekend after the course and went into it with a whole lot of new ‘tools’. From  foot strike to pushing off with my big toe to positive thoughts, nutrition,  the list goes on … I won the race but most importantly it was the best race I have ever run!""Thank you for sharing with us the wealth of information. I am overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of recent research on running. I am a keen student of the sport. This is absolutely a “gold mine”."

"This group went above and beyond and I think this added to the overall open and friendly feeling that existed at this course. This wasn't one of those CEU courses where people sit next to each other and only talk the bare minimum, ignore each other in the halls, and bust ass to leave at the end of the day. I felt like this course, it's instructors, and the participants all fostered a very open, inviting, and collaborative format."  Read the full blog