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Author, The Triathlete's Guide to Run Training

Ken specializes in exercise physiology with an emphasis in nutrition, biology and psychology. He is an ITU World Champion (2-time gold medalist and 2-time silver medalist, physically challenged division) and 1996 Olympic Torchbearer. Ken was the USAT Mid Atlantic Region Athlete Development Coordinator, 2002-2003 and Director of Training, Joe Friel's Ultrafit, 2002-2004. He has provided business coaching and technical instruction to 36 coaching businesses, including:

  • Event Director, Joe Friel International Coaches Symposium, 2003 and 2004
  • Trained and Certified U.S. Air Force Instructors in Evolution Running Technique
  • Instructor, USAT Coaches Certification Courses
  • Developed coach instruction modules, which provided CEUs for USA Triathlon and USA Cycling Certified Coaches.
  • Conducted or Supervised over 8,900 VO2 Max, Aerobic Threshold, and Lactate Threshold Tests
  • Published 40+ articles in international magazines Inside Triathlon and Velo News 
  • Producer, Evolution Running: Run Faster with Fewer Injuries DVD
  • Author, Evolution Running: Run Faster and Farther Without Injury (due out 2016)
  • Producer, Lean for a Lifetime: An Athletes Guide to Losing the Last Ten Pounds DVD (due out 2015)
  • Author, Lean for a Lifetime: An Athletes Guide to Losing the Last Ten Pounds (due out 2015)

Client Results:

  • Won 9 World Championships and 29 National Championships
  • 4 Hawaii Ironman Podium Finishers
  • Multiple Ironman Age Group Course Records

Fitness Concepts Coaching and testing for runners and triathletes
Evolution Running Running technique 
VO2 Max Testing centers
Lean For a Lifetime Body-fat reduction for athletes

Ken Mierke BS