Next Course is November 3-4 in Ranson, WV.

​​​Class Size

Classes are typically from 10 to 40 people although we have taught up to 250 in large venues. Large groups are possible in a lecture theater with good audio and projection system.


Ideally the venue should accommodate a mix of lectures, outdoor workshops and clinical sessions (depending on the audience). We’ve used conference rooms with a table for demonstrating treatments but it is better to have an open space with several tables for practice. One table for 4 students or less is ideal. Outdoor spaces can include parking lots, running tracks, gymnasiums or quiet streets.

Additional Continuing Education Resources

The Running Clinic (international)

The Natural Running Center

In-house & Custom Courses

​​We provide one to four day courses and conferences for running groups, coach certification, health centers, medical associations, clinics and offices at very competitive rates. If you would like a course for your staff, please contact us for more information.

Our staff comes to your facility and provides on-site training, saving you travel, accommodation, meals and associated costs. Rates work out at about 50% of typical continuing education budgets per credit hour.​​