Next Course is November 3-4 in Ranson, WV.

Healthy Running Medical Courses & Conferences

Day 2

Assessing the Injured Runner
    Triad of Running Injuries
    Tissue specificity – micro-anatomy
    Baby biomechanics
    Building the perfect runner: how strength and mobility impacts form
​    Identifying and fixing problems
    Optimizing the runner: building a paradigm from distance to sprinting

Medical Issues in Endurance Sports
    Heat and Hydration for the Athlete
    Cardiac Issues 

Assessing the Injured Runner Workshop
​    Clinical running analysis: the Visual Gait Tool in case studies & hands on practice
    Clinical mobility and stability assessment lab
​    Evaluation and treatment workshops - physical exam and exercise prescription

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Day 1

Anthropologic Basis of Running

Training Principals
Aerobic development
The role of intensity
Recovery principals, practice and overtraining syndrome
​Coordination and peaking
Warm up and cool down
Nutrition for performance

Performing for ultra-endurance, movie and Q&A 
Evolution, Design and Technology of footwear
Influence of footwear on gait
Relationship of footwear to injury
Fitting Issues and adaptive devices

Efficient Running Workshop
Stability / Mobility / Strength
Movement patterns for efficiency and injury reduction
​Form drills to re-enforce motor skills


Conferences and courses are held throughout the US and worldwide. See Registration page for details. Interested in an In-house or Custom Course? Click here.

Healthy Running for medical and fitness professionals focuses on the energetics of running, running skill, injury evaluation and treatment. Content is evidence based with numerous case scenarios, active drills and exercise, and practical workshops to apply concepts.

Day one sessions includes the anthropologic basis of running, aerobic development, recovery principals and practice, overtraining syndrome, coordination and peaking, nutrition for health and performance, warm up and cool down.

The role of footwear on runners is examined, including the evolution of running shoes, design, technology and the relationship to injury. The afternoon workshop addresses strength training, range of motion/mobility and motor function.

Day two examines the injured runner, tissue specificity, anatomy, biomechanics and clinical evaluation of mobility and strength.​ The afternoon workshop assesses running from a clinical perspective, prescription of strength, mobility, and gait cues based on specific findings. Stability, core work, mobility and stretching principles are addressed.

The course also includes medical issues for runners, including heat illness, physiology, and treatment. People completing this course and who signed up at the coach or medical level are eligible to receive the Healthy Running Coach Certification. This requires additional study and testing but is at no additional cost.

Variations of this course have been presented for Continuing Medical Education in West Virginia, the Andrews Institute in Florida, and at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Staff have presented selected course content at over 40 military bases and numerous medical conferences including for AMAA, ACMS, IMSMC and teaching universities internationally.