Next Course is November 3-4 in Ranson, WV.

2-Day Healthy Running West Virginia

When: November 3-4, 2017
What: Healthy Running CME Course

Jefferson Medical Center

300 South Preston Street

Ranson, WV  25438

Lt. Col. Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, MD

2017 Registration


DAY 1 Nov 3 

9:30 am Registration 

Training Principles   

10 am                 Intros and Why We Run: psychology and anthropology of running
10:30 am            Aerobic Development
11:30 am            The role of intensity, coordination, and peaking
12:00 am            Aging, recovery, overtraining syndrome
12:30 pm            Medical issues-cardiac, heat, hydration
1   pm                 Footwear discussion
                           Lunch will be served in classroom 1230 

Efficient Running Workshop  

1:30 pm              Posture, stability and mobility
2:00 pm              Movement patterns for efficiency and injury reduction
3:00 pm              Form drills to re-enforce motor skills: warm up and cool down
4:00 pm              Nutrition for health and performance
4:30 pm              END DAY ONE
5:00 pm              Optional easy group run

DAY 2 Nov 4

Assessing the Injured Runner  

9:00 am              Intro to strategy for assessing the injured runner
10:00 am            Clinical mobility and stability evaluation for runners
11 am                 Clinical mobility and stability assessment lab
12:00 noon         Lunch- Nutrition Discussion
1:00 pm              Clinical Objective & Strategic Running Analysis
2:00 pm              Interpretation of results: Creating an effective plan of care
3:00 pm              Exercise prescription lab
4:00 pm              Q & A
4:30 pm              END PROGRAM: Evaluations